MÉTAPHOTOGRAPHIE 1 Photographie contemporaine réflexive. Textes généraux et sur les artistes

PROCÉDÉS PHOTOGRAPHIQUES Brève introduction à quelques procédés analogiques, 19e et 20e siècle

HISTOIRE DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE 1 Introduction (survol); prémices et invention du médium

Photo-Theoria is a small educational website dedicated to photography posted by Mrs Nassim Daghighian, art historian, since 2011. Photo-Theoria is also a webzine with monthly news about contemporary photography since 2015.
Etymology: The Greek theoria (θεωρία) meant ‘contemplation, speculation, a looking at, things looked at’, from theorein (θεωρεῖν) ‘to consider, speculate, look at’, from theoros (θεωρός) ‘spectator’, from thea (θέα) ‘a view’ & horan (ὁρᾶν) ‘to see’. I hope that this website will offer you the opportunity to look at images longer than usual!
Mainly in French, the documents edited on issuu (link) and available here in PDF are richly illustrated with important photographs. All documents on this website are protected by copyrights © Thanks !

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